Why Live Chat & Social Media Coverage is Important


You only have to take a walk down the high street or glance at your teenager to see that the world has gone digital. With the convenience and portability of tablets and smart phones, social media and instant messaging especially have become epic and a large part of our society. It is no great mystery then why businesses are adopting this form of contact with their clients. People have access to constant contact with each other and they expect the same convenience as a consumer. The prospect of being transferred from one department to the next with long waiting times is fast becoming a thing of the past. The fact is that the up-and-coming younger generations are more likely to use the internet so it’s a case of get on board or miss the boat.

But why outsource?

1) Damage Limitation: Avoid waking up to a whirlwind on Social media with your company at the centre of it. A disgruntled customer can cause significant damage to your brand and reputation if not appeased, and that’s the first place they’ll head for. Once the damage is done it’s irreversible.

2) Cost: Live chat in particular is speedy and concise. It reduces time and also increases efficiency, as agents can handle more than one chat at a time.

3) Time Management: Company requirements can be adapted by paying per live chat for example or opting for a media package, out of hours only or full-time cover.

4) Brand Perception Continuity: A 24 hour contact centre is in the best position to handle regular status updates, respond promptly to negative feed-back and deal with customers in actual time.

5) Expertise: Time waits for no man, if the competition are doing it then don’t get left behind. And if you don’t know how… Then outsource!

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