Social Value

Social Value

Corporate Social Responsibility is about the social impact and the contribution to society a company makes within the framework of its business operations. But going beyond the buzzword and compliance with the Social Value Act, as a company we believe  that charity really does start at home. Although the business operates on a national level and so do a few of the charities we work with, our particular focus is on giving back regionally both through our business practices as well as fundraising.

Local Charities

Besides the many fundraising events we hold, The Contact People donate up to 10% of profit to charity once the financial year has been finalised. We let the staff suggest the charities they would like to see as beneficiaries and in the past have included a local food bank, the Hoylake Wildcats which is a local basketball team for disabled children, KIND a Liverpool children’s charity, and on a wider scale Cancer Research, Lymphoma and Leukaemia Research, and Compassion UK which is a charity dedicated to helping third world children in poverty.

MacMillan coffee mornings are a regular occurrence and the money raised is always matched pound for pound by MD Brian King. The run up to Christmas is also always a busy time at the contact centre where we concentrate our efforts on active charitable involvement and fundraising in the choice of charity for that year, as we believe it’s a time to reflect on how lucky we are and find ways to share it with those less fortunate.

We Actively…

  • Create vocational and mentoring opportunities for people from the local labour market
  • Support our staff through our Continuing Professional Development programme
  • Support the local economy by using local suppliers and paying them promptly
  • Promote environmental policies by reducing waste and maximising recycling
  • Promote fair pricing for goods and services to enable value for money and continuity of business services
  • Reinforce our commitment to social responsibility by enabling our customers’ Social Responsibilities practices through the handling of their business

So as you can see we pack a punch for a company of its size in the stakes of giving back.

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