Invisible Yet Invaluable – Confidentiality in Business

Discretion in business is something we rely on across the sectors a good deal more than we care to imagine. But what does it mean and why is it so important?

Firstly let’s take a look at the definition. According to the Oxford Dictionary discretion is ‘the quality of behaving or speaking in such a way as to avoid causing offence or revealing confidential information’. There’s a sense of integrity and trust which is also implied. But how does a company ensure that this value is upheld and extends through to company employees, and how can you reassure your clients if they’ve entrusted you with components of their business and subsequently brand reputation?

These issues are bound to make business-owners apprehensive about outsourcing, even if it makes more financial/business sense. Be it a manger or business owner, hard work and sacrifices have been poured into establishing a company, whatever it’s size, which no one wants to see damaged or thrown away. So what measures can be taken to install confidence in our clients by making sure we hold up our end of the bargain?

To start with, guidelines have to be set out. Then there’s the issue of implementation, because one without the other means nothing. But beyond the obligatory compliance with the Data Protection Act what can a company do to ensure set standards are maintained.
As a company this issue is integral to us as the best part of our clients rely on our discretion to handle their calls in and out of hours. The nature of our various clients is wide-ranging. For example, did you know that we:
Take calls regarding infectious diseases?
Or manage a paging service for hospitals?
Or manage full call volume for a toxicology unit?

I’ve compiled a short list of what we’ve found as a company to be at the top of our objectives:

– A stringent policy of no mobiles allowed on the floor in the contact centre
– Staff selection and training ensuring they understand the representation and perception aspect of the contact centre and representation of our client’s businesses
– Operators are instructed not to discussing prior calls
– Press calls are in no circumstances dealt with but passed to either MD or Operations Manager
– Clean desk policy, especially regarding paper build-up
– Use of social media and email restricted in the workplace to work-related encounters only

Here at the 24-hour contact centre we’ve found these company policies to be pivotal to keeping the privacy of our clients intact, as we continue to handle calls, Live Chat and social media for our clients across the board of our main sectors which are:

– Healthcare
– Facilities Management
– Security & Alarms
– AC/Refridgeration
– Renewable Energy
– Production Hardware
– Local Councils
– Travel
and many more..

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