What can your business gain from using a 24/7/365 Contact Centre?

We provide out of hours call-handling by dealing with your service calls in accordance to your in-hours procedures, and for a fraction of the cost of running a 24 hour operation yourself.

Customer Service is at the heart of every business. We’re no one without our customers, and that places them central to every business decision we make. Your aim is to facilitate your customer’s journey, while ours is to enable you to do so in a cost-effective manner.

Setting up overflow capture for busy spells means no calls are lost, and all without the expense of employing extra staff. This will result in improving your overall performance by increasing service levels while decreasing your client’s wait time.

In order to ensure Security Guarantees, an up-to-date and tested Business Continuity Plan is permanently in place for the best part of our clients.

This ensures that in the event of an emergency a tailor-made disaster recovery plan is in place which is specific to their industry and sector.

We’re connoisseurs of the Sectors of our Clients and source our call-handlers with this in mind. Having managed the accounts of some of our long-term clients as far back as the early 90’s, The Contact People employees and senior management have grown with the industry and gained a vast knowledge of our clients, their business needs and even their company portals.

We help you stay ahead of the competition by supporting and communicating with your customers directly, contractors, and employees, and all equally with the highest level of professionalism.

The call quality we deliver is maintained through high performing call-handlers who absorb volumes during peak hours and around the clock, enabling you to meet your SLA’s and deliver excellent service.

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