Vodafone Paging Service Migration

You may have seen or heard media reports stating Vodafone are closing down their paging service. However, you may not be aware that The Contact People operated this service on behalf of Vodafone for 20 years, taking paging calls and passing on the messages using Vodafone technology. Since 1998 it is estimated The Contact People have handled over 100 Million paging calls, and still handle many thousands of calls daily!

Although no longer in its heyday, paging technology is still vital for some users. The NHS, Energy companies, Ambulance services, birding enthusiasts, Lifeboat crew; for these users paging is still more reliable than other modern technology, and that proves invaluable when you absolutely need to get a message to someone quickly without fail.

In this Guardian article on paging reliability, Liam Lehane, assistant director of operations in resilience for the London Ambulance Service states “They’re really good for pushing messages out,” he says. “It’s a system that the NHS uses quite widely.”

Vodafone had agreed terms to sell that part of the business to PageOne, part of the Capita Group. In a shock decision, the Competition and Markets Authority ruled that the deal would be subject to yet another round of investigation.  Vodafone decided to end the service rather than go through further negotiations.

pager image

What is next for Vodafone Paging users?

There is nothing to fear for current users of Vodafone Paging, which will end in November 2017. The Contact People and PageOne are now offering the same service to allow Vodafone Paging users to migrate, safe in the knowledge that quality of service is guaranteed, using the expertise of the same call centre which has provided the service to Vodafone for the last 20 years, and a resilient paging network with excellent performance and reliability.

Vodafone will continue to operate their paging network until November 2017, so it’s important to get the new service in place soon.  Please give us your contact details and we will contact you to begin your migration process.

The Contact People offer a wide range of inbound phone and digital message handling services with over 20 years’ experience.  Please see our website on how we can enhance your paging service with modern technologies.”

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